About Us

Who We Are

Somerset Delivery is a locally-owned business providing an opportunity for consumers to enjoy quality meals without the hassle of leaving their homes or workplace. The days of just having pizza available to your door are over! Now you can have your favorite restaurants right to your door, cubicle, park bench, or wherever else you want it. We contract independent drivers to deliver your food and other products directly to you as quickly as we can while providing quality service. Somerset Delivery is owned and operated by Nathan Price, a graduate of Southwestern High School. We are proud to be locally owned and we feel like we provide a level of customer service that the larger brands can’t compete with. If our customer service representatives cannot handle a situation, Nathan is ready to personally look into it and make sure it gets resolved. We take pride in being able to offer a service that helps customers get their food conveniently, provides additional revenue for our local restaurants and provides work opportunities for the residents of our community. "If my dispatch team cannot handle an issue or if a customer would rather speak with me, I'm here. Because I'm local. I grew up here. I live here. My daughter goes to school here. I will always take the time to make sure each and every one of you are taken care of."
- Nathan, Owner

Shopping Local

When you order delivery through Somerset Delivery, you're supporting your local community while also helping us support our local community. Our service supports local restaurants, businesses, employees and customers. We support local restaurants and businesses by providing an alternate source of revenue that most in our area do not have, delivery. We support local employees by providing more job opportunities to the residents of Pulaski County. We do this through having contracted drivers that can complete the deliveries and by also helping increase the revenue at businesses; Because more volume for a business translates to needing more employees. This service does not function without the support of our customers and that's why we support our local customers by providing our highest quality customer service. We strive to make sure each customer is satisfied and take any necessary steps to fix any issue that may arise. Shop local by ordering delivery with Somerset Delivery!

Commission Information for Restaurants and Businesses

As a business, we understand how important it is to maintain steady profit margins and we understand how small those margins can be, especially in the food industry. At Somerset Delivery, we understand that outrageous commissions on deliveries end up costing more than the revenue that is made. We're always open to new ways on how we can reduce commission rates for businesses that partner with our service. We currently have two available partnerships to choose from and we believe our commission rates are lower than our big brand competitors. If you're a business owner/manager and would like more information, you can submit a partnership request here